How I love the first day with students!!!

When I was a student and now as a teacher, there is nothing like the first day back to school!  Meeting new students!  Visiting with previous students (I love that after their math class they came running to my classroom to give me the low down on their new teacher!! (Aaaa yeah, those teachers are my friends, duh! Of course you like them and will have a good year!))

All of the #MTBoS ideas I used from twitter worked so well!!  We did the name tents, but those do not really have an impact for a couple more classes when the students read the feedback, etc.

In PAP Pre Calc, we did the balloon challenge.  How many packages of  balloons do we need to buy to fill my classroom with filled balloons.  So much good came from this – group norms, mistakes are okay and MATH IS FUN!  I hope when I show up to school on Monday that my classroom is not filled with balloons! They were a little frustrated that I would not tell them if the were right! We also did a stand and talk!!  The kids were up out of their seats and excited about math ALL period!!

In AP stats, I did the Kristen Gilbert activity with them.  It really hooks them and brings up so many concepts that we talk about throughout the year.

What a great day! I can’t wait to go back Monday!


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